So what do you want to know?

I have worked in Graphics and Illustration for over 20 years, I qualified
as a Technical Illustrator back when Duran Duran were top of the
charts (and there were charts). This gave me airbrush skills that have
been employed on bikes, helmets, cars, vans and even aeroplanes
as well as the drawing skills so vital to an illustrator.
Translating these skills into digital media was inevitable
and fun and I now work mainly in Photoshop and Illustrator
though I am fairly frequently required by clients to make use
of my marker skills and I often start work off traditionally
and then continue digitally.

I am an experienced Finished Artist, fluent in Quark, Photoshop,
InDesign and Illustrator and I am happy to work in-studio or take away work
on a project by project basis within a 50 mile radius of Cheltenham, Glos.

I have worked in Direct Mail, Packaging, Product development,
Logo and Corporate Identity development and Website design.

End clients include: Unilever (Magnum, Experimental ice cream/chocolate products),
Asda, Kraft (Toblerone, Terry’s, Dairylea, Kenco, Angel Delight),
National Trust, Woodland Trust, Cats Protection, AICR, IFAW.

I like eating out, motorcycling, crosswords, movies, rollercoasters and holidays.

I dislike typos of any kind, bad TV advertising (why are there so many poor ads
when there is so much talent in the industry?) and speed cameras!

I like music, a quick look at my itunes folder reveals my taste to be
either eclectic or indiscriminate, for example, the 'R' section contains
among others, Rachmaninoff, Razorlight, the Rolling Stones, the Righteous Brothers
and the Ramones!